About Van McCoy Music, Inc.

Van McCoy Music, Inc. (VAMMI) is a Maryland closely held corporation established in October, 1989 by Norman McCoy, Sr., Van’s father, along with Mattie I. Taylor, Van’s foster sister and his cousin, Theodore R. Ray, Jr., Van’s sole heir and first next of kin copyright renewal claimant, decided to preserve all the copyrights, property and artifacts inherited from his son by placing them in the corporation. Mr. Norman McCoy, Sr. died in November, 1997 at age 95. Van McCoy Music, Inc. now represents the next generation of Van McCoy “next of kin” copyright renewal claimants. We are USA publishers for Van’s music and co-publish most of the 1970s foreign copyrights with Warner Chappel.

Van McCoy Music, Inc. belongs to: BMI Performing Rights Society, National Association of Music Publishers/The Harry Fox Agency, Association of Independent Music Publishers and the National Association of Broadcasters. We have been participants and exhibitors at MIDEM, Carnes, France. We are a tithing company and support several organizations. Some of our longstanding interests are the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, National Council of Negro Women, Greater Washington Urban League and the Metropolitan Baptist Church.

In 1990 we produced a 30 minute VHS documentary film on Van that was donated to Howard University’s PBS TV station. In 1995 we commissioned international recording artist, Jean Carne, to produce an album of Van’s music entitled, Carne Sings McCoy that is available on CD or Cassette. In June 2000, we also released a CD of the Starlighters, the group he had with his brother, Norman Jr., and music from Van’s early years. These CDs are available in the website store.

For further information:

Van McCoy Music, Inc.
5881 Allentown Road
Camp Springs, Maryland 20746
Phone: (301) 899-3322
Fax: (301) 899-3321
E-mail: Vivamcoy@vanmccoymusic.com

Mattie I. Taylor, President & CEO
E-mail: Mtee@vanmccoymusic.com

Theodore R. Ray, Jr., Senior Vice President

Leonard S. Ray, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer


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