Licensing and Copyright Information

All of Van McCoy’s songs written prior to 1978 have been renewed and are in the final term of copyright. We are U.S. Publisher for the Next of Kin Renewal Claimants and for deceased Co-writer, Joseph Cobb. The duration of copyright protection for each song,  is for 95 years (including the Bono extension) from its initial copyright date. We can furnish information on foreign rights status for all of Van's songs, and master rights owner information on most.

Songs written in 1978 and 1979 are listed separately for your information. They will be reclaimed at the end of 35 years of copyright. Until that time those songs are co-published worldwide with Warner Chappel Music.

We are always ready to assist with your licensing needs. We will work late to meet your deadline, and your emergency song clearance crunch will become our priority. We license Van’s music for Sampling projects subject to lyric approval (see policy below). Let us prove that we have "Songs for Every Project and Budget" within the scope of our license policies.  Submit license request as follows:

Email: mccoymedia@aol.com,  Fax: 301-899-3321, Mail: Van McCoy Music, Inc., 5881 Allentown Road, Camp Springs, MD 20746

We are members of BMI Performance Society and the Harry Fox Agency for mechanical licensing. Links to their websites are as follows:
www.BMI.com       www.harryfox.com

Licensing Policy

Generally, we do not participate in the industry practice of licensing  songs for a onetime payment “for all formats now known and hereafter devised.”  We feel it is grossly unfair to exclude the songwriter from all future participation in income streams that a project will produce. Our complaint is much like that of the screen writers and actors who want to share in future profits.  We have made exceptions where the one time payment was very large and could reasonably cover the income to be expected over a long period of time. However, this is not likely to fit into the “most favored nation provision” that many projects require.

We heartily subscribe to the ASCAP Bill of Rights for Songwriters. It expresses what we believe is fair and respectful of the creative role of the songwriter. A link is provided for your perusal.

Lyrics Policy

We support the Hip Hop, Rap and other contemporary genres and respect the talent of many of its performers. Our opposition is with some of the lyric content and not with the form of artistry. Our policy on lyric approval is as follows: - We will not license Van's music for a song that denigrates or dishonors women, uses profane or sexually explicit language, advocates or promotes violence, or insults any race or group of persons. Van wrote hundreds of songs and could sing any of them for his parents and beloved grandmother without apology. We are preserving his legacy, not perverting his music. To this end, we will uphold the standard Van set for his own catalogue of works. With this as a guide, we welcome all genres.

Note – Don’t miss the Hustle rap in our website intro.

Sheet Music

Our office has a large file of lead sheets most of which were hand scored by Van McCoy. You may contact us to determine if we have the music you need. Other sources of sheet music are as follows:

Alfred Publishing Co. Inc.,16320 Roscoe Blvd., Ste 100,Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818 891-5999 ext. 203 phone, permissions@alfred.com.


Van McCoy Catalogue of songs

It is our fondest hope that you find this presentation of Van's vast body of works a musical joy and delight. We have grouped the song listings by decade. Starting with the early years which began in the late 1950s, we present the music of the 60’s and the 70s. ----- Our mission is to house on this website a complete listing of his songs and a music sound bite of each song for which we can find a recording. To this end we solicit the help of Van McCoy Fans and Collectors throughout the world.

If you know of a McCoy song title that is not listed here, or if you have a recorded copy (any format) of a song that has no sound bite, please share the information with us. Contact us at: mccoymedia@aol.com

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